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Best Place to Work in the Triad

Posted: 2015-10-22 15:14:50

Congratulations are in order for the entire EPES Logistics Services, Inc. team who was just named The 2015 Best Place to Work in the Triad. Previously, in 2013 and 2014, ELSI was a finalist for this award, however this year we finally reached the top and felt what it was like to be named the very best - #1. This award was coordinated by a third party, who solicited direct feedback from our employees on how they feel about their work environment, opportunities for growth, and satisfaction with our leadership styles. These responses were then tabulated and compared to all the other Triad area submissions to determine who achieved the highest overall score.

After the award was named our leadership team received the following feedback as to why ELSI was chosen: "ELSI is demonstrating your commitment to employee engagement and creating a major advantage over your competition. 89.76% of your employees are considered highly engaged, willing to go above and beyond for their work, advocate for the organization and intend to stay for the future. 89% of men, and 79% of women, both agree that they see professional growth and career development opportunity with ELSI. 90% of all generations in the workplace at ELSI believe that you have worked diligently to foster a culture that works for all employees. 89% of your staff agrees that the leaders of ELSI value people as their most important resource."

So what does this accomplishment really mean? It means ELSI has fostered an environment that matches our core values of leading and operating with integrity and ethics. It means we value one another as family members rather than just peers. It means we convey compassion for each other and we strive to build on our strengths rather than find flaws with one another. I completely agree with the above statement that said "creating a major advantage over competition" . . .while our potlucks, on-site gym, and ping pong have all been fantastic benefits, the true Top Place to Work delivers the intangible feeling of belonging to a great family environment that cannot be replicated by others.

We must now ensure to maintain this culture and stay authentic to what matters most --expecting nothing but excellence from each other in everything we do.

Again, thanks to each and every employee at ELSI for their diligence in building and maintaining this dream work culture.

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